3WORK | Materials we Use

Materials we Use

Oak Veneer

We use boards MDF with 7 to 36 mm thickness. We stick oak veneer 0.7 mm to every side of it, with quality AB. It protects the veneer with high quality polishes, preventing it from scratches, humidity and UV rays.

Painted MDF

We paint our manufactures with polyurethane dye. We use MDF, which after fitting is being sanded, primed and in the end we are painting it. The colors we use are by RAL scheme. In the end of the progress two types of effects are achieved: mate and polish. When we made a polish cover, after the drying of the product, the paint is being sanded and polished with special paste to effectuate the desired effect.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel 18/10, containing chromium and nickel. Its resistance in time makes it preferable for use in many of our projects. After the make of the product, we polish the visible parts up to fine glitter.

Black Carpet

Carpet is a tissue of solid foundation, making it more stable. Its thread is made of polypropylene, one black color. We have chosen a long- hair model, which can be combined with other materials. Length of the thread 2 cm.


Our designers carefully select the colors for their products. Here you can see the whole colors that we have.